Confinement Jamu Massage
Confinement Jamu Massage Female Thai Herbal Healing Massage  Jamu Massage Thai Herbal Healing Massage (compress) Penang, Malaysia, Butterworth, Prai Service | Bali Island Massage Beauty And Spa

(RM120/1.5hrs) (RM158/2hrs)

The word “Jamu” means herbs in Malay. The traditional Jamu postnatal massage originated from Southeast Asia in the 17th century, mainly using traditional herbal medicines and massage treatment to speed up the recovery after birth. With this long history, Jamu traditional massage brings many mental and physical benefits to women after their delivery. It is very popular in Southeast Asia.

Vitamin-E-rich Tissue oil is used as the base oil for the massage for repairing scars or acne marks and smoothening the stretch marks. It is very effective, and many other herbs including lemongrass, turmeric, betel pepper and lime are then used to help mothers relax completely and to boost blood circulation. The herbs also are very effective in expelling wind out from the belly; this is particularly important as it cures all sorts of pain and rheumatism and other symptoms as the mothers grow older. The unique lymphatic detox technique will help to eliminate the blood clots and toxins left inside uteruses fast as possible.

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